Polishing Machines

Karcher BDP 50/2000 RS

Karcher BDP 50/2000 RS Commercial / Industrial Polishing Machine

 The second-generation BDP 50/2000 RS is lighter and more compact without compromising on performance. Cable-free, powerful and fast, the BDP 50/2000 RS offers a wide cleaning path and polishing speed of 2000rpm, meaning that even the most stubborn marks can be removed easily. Kärcher’s popular and proven step-on design ensures high safety and productivity. 

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Karcher BDP 50/1500 C

Karcher BDP 50/1500 C Commercial / Industrial Polishing Macine

 The BDP 50/1500 C is a high-speed burnisher with compact dimensions and easy maneuverability. With a rotational speed of 1500 rpm, the machine delivers brilliant polishing results. Simple controls guarantee intuitive handling, whilst the rotating guard prevents dust from swirling around. Dust is collected in a 1-litre, recyclable fabric filter bag by the passive suction system. The machine does not drift off course and enables travel in a straight line on a consistent basis, resulting in maximum productivity. The adjustable handle guarantees a comfortable working height and can be folded to save on storage space. The trigger switch prevents the machine from being started up unintentionally – the device stops as soon as the handle is released. The floating pad driver plate automatically adjusts itself to the floor surface, and the optional spray-cleaning attachment kit ensures that cleaning agents are only sprayed where they are needed. 

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